Thanks for stopping by. You are one step closer to taking advantage of a new outdoor medium fast becoming the preferred method for cost-effective, high-impact advertising.

Check out the BIG RED SIGN!

Whether you want to spur impulse buys, blast news about a sale or special event, or surprise someone with a personal message that tens of thousands of people will see, digital outdoor advertising may be the medium for you.

The BIG RED SIGN offers you a rare opportunity to advertise in a prime location for one week, two weeks OR up to six months for less than the traditional cost of a single full-page newspaper or magazine ad! Plus, the unique advantages do not end there!

"What are the benefits of advertising on the Big Red Sign?"

  • Location: Central Park, the largest power retail center on the East Coast.
  • Visibility: Able to be seen as far away as 1/2 mile.
  • Traffic: 65,000+ cars daily (with peak traffic during rush hours and weekends).
  • Eye-Catching:The LED displays moving messages.
  • Never Static: Change your message monthly or even weekly!
  • Helpful: Not just for ads, the Big Red Sign also gives time and temperature at least once every minute and mentions community service announcements such as AMBER alerts and parade route information. All this helps train people to keep a look on the sign while sitting at the red light.
  • Captive Audience:Strategically located in the middle of the monument sign at a traffic light, drivers are captive audience members to the ads that cycle approximately every 1.6 minutes. (A red light averages five minutes long).
  • Cost Efficiency: Your ad on the BIG RED SIGN's LED screen has the potential to be displayed more than 600 times a day, for over 4,200 times a week at a cost of just 21.5 cents per impression. You can't get a better deal than that!